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Heron Community Dinner

                                                   Seniors   $5.00

                                                    Under 60   $7.00

                                                   12 & under  $4.00

May 20th and May 27th
Next Board Meeting
Wednesday, June 10th


Call Karyn to order meals at 847-3737.

Leave a message if Karyn is not there. You can also email her at kahayworth@hotmail.com



We are only posting two weeks of menus at a time for until we receive updates from SCCOA.


Thank you all for supporting our Heron Community Dinners.




Please find our attached letter to the editor thanking our community for their vigilance and commitment to slowing the spread of the coronavirus.  




Nick Lawyer

PA-C, Provider Informaticist

Clark Fork Valley Hospital

10 Kruger Road

Plains, MT 59859


Clinic Hours: M-Th 8a-5p

Office Phone: 406-826-4810

Letter to the Community


If you have spring photos, please email here.

Updated 05/18/2020

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